Special Archive Section: 2015 Year In Review

From the CasePlace Archives, we recap some of the highlights from 2015. This Year in Review presents a dozen popular cases, syllabi, books, and other items on a wide variety of business and social impact topics, including inequality, diversity, leadership and ethical behavior.


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Below is a selection of this week's featured items:


• Business as a Human Enterprise [Syllabus]

• Enbridge: Looking Toward the Future [Case]

• Professional Responsibility and Leadership (PRL) [Syllabus]

• Stephen Richards: Addressing FAQ [Case]

• MOR 385m: Business, Government, and Society [Syllabus]

This week from the CasePlace Archives: A Letter from Prison. A discussion of managerial responsibility and the manipulation of financial performance.


This week's search features materials on Purpose, Mission, Vision and Values.

For previous search topics, see the Search of the Week Archive.

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