Controlling Delinquency in Micro-Lending

Authors: Dempsey, Jeanette; Linowes, Richard
Source: USAID & Institute of International Education (IIE)
Year: 2002
Company Name: Mujeres Unidas
Number of pages: 20

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Mujeres Unidas is a growing microfinance institution in Bolivia serving poor women inexperienced in business, offering them educational and financial services so they can develop their capacities and skills and improve their personal, family and civic lives. The organization's rapid expansion into 20 branches spread over four regions of the country has led to some procedural inconsistencies and an outbreak of fraud. Now management, with the help of an American consultant, investigate the source of the problems by visiting all levels of the organization, including witnessing first-hand a communal lending discussion in a branch. The case dramatizes the real challenges of implementation in a service-oriented business.

This case is available from The Microfinance Management Institute

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