The Development of Sustainable Tourism on the Prestranek Estate

Author: Mihalic, Tanja
Source: University of Ljubljana
Year: 1999
Company Name: Prestranek Estate
Number of pages: 8

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It began in the early nineties when the love of horses brought Mr Uros Birsa to the deserted village of Prestranek near Postojna, Slovenia. With a group of friends he first rebuilt some old stables for horses to meet their own needs, but eventually he had the idea of building a tourist village on what had been left from an ex-cooperative farm society. The company's main focus was tourism, specialising in horse riding and other supporting services. As a preliminary matter, the stables and facilities to keep horses, some apartments and a restaurant were rebuilt in the old buildings. Mr Birsa soon became concerned with profitability and what other services, apart from those equestrian, to provide, in order to attract enough tourists outside of the high season and still meet the requirements for sustainable tourism development. He was aware that poorly commercial tourism development can erode the quality of natural, social and cultural environment. The case helps to apply the theoretical knowledge about sustainable tourism in a real case, encourages creative thinking, and help discovering the world of real business where multiple factors have to be considered simultaneously (economic, social and cultural view). It requires teamwork and the use of brainstorming technique. This case was sponsored by the Indiana University CIBER Case Collection.

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