Sensible Life Products (A, B)

Authors: Zietsma, Charlene; McKnight, Brent
Source: Richard Ivey School of Business
Year: 2007
Number of pages: 10, 1

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An entrepreneur and chief executive officer (CEO) of Sensible Life Products has developed a revolutionary botanical disinfectant called Benefect, the flagship product of his company. This new product is unique among disinfectant products in that it is non-toxic, unlike the majority of conventional disinfectants containing harmful chemicals, such as ammonia, alcohol and chlorine. As a result of the unique properties of the product, the CEO has received numerous offers to purchase or license the technology and is faced with the decision regarding which offer, if any, he should accept. The purpose of this case is to expose students to entrepreneurial exit situations as well as social entrepreneurship issues associated with disruptive technologies. A follow-up supplemental case, Sensible Life Products (B), '9B07M058', introduces a fifth opportunity to the students in the form of a joint venture with a major product development firm. The deal involves Sensible Life Products co-operating in further developing the Benefect product into a consumer focused hand sanitizer product.

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