Good Health: Making Medicine Work for a Sustainable Future

Author: Szekely, F.
Source: European School of Management & Technology
Year: 2008
Number of pages: 12

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The case study analyzes the project 'Integrating Sustainable Development in Industrial Operations and Environment' at Good Health, a research-based international pharmaceutical company. Maintaining a strong reputation in sustainability issues has become a growing concern within the pharmaceutical branch. The case explores the different challenges and obstacles the project team is facing during the different project phases in trying to expand and implement a new sustainability program at Good Health. Besides focusing on research and development to attend societal needs, Good Health states its commitment to contributing towards building a sustainable society. Three leading members of a project team have been assigned to integrate sustainability into Good Health's business strategy. They had to resolve some key questions: Bottom up, top down or the middle way? How can Good Health move from a more limited ecological approach to a broader triple bottom line approach towards sustainability? How can we anchor sustainability and responsibility as long-term strategic objectives with top management commitment and involvement? Can the more qualitative sustainability issues be translated into short-term cost-benefit measures to sell them to top management? This case was previously numbered '705-030-1'.

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