Policy Factors on Environmental and Energy Management

EMSE 220

Author: West, Michael A.
Source: The George Washington University
Year: 2004
Number of pages: 5

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This course will explore the policy development process from several but integrated perspectives: the role of various institutional participants in the translation of policy initiatives into laws, regulations, and interpretations; how policies impact organizations and managers; and how managers and competing organizational objectives influence the implementation and evolution of environmental and energy policy. Specifically, the course will examine the roles of the Executive Branch, Congress and Courts at the Federal level, along with the increasing influence of States, communities, Indian Tribes, special interest groups, the media, industry, small business, and international environmental cooperation and regulation. To a greater extent that ever before, effective environmental and energy management in the 21 Century will depend on the ability to understand these interactions and knowing how to exploit the opportunities they provide.

This course will also analyze a number of case studies demonstrate the emerging realities of environmental and energy policy development over the past decade and how organizations, managers and policy makers are seeking to reconcile them with competing institutional goals and national policy objectives.

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