Costa Rica's Reputation as Ecotourism Destination at Stake?

Authors: Thadamalla, J.; Makwana, B.; Suresh, K.; Shah, R.
Source: IBS Research Center
Year: 2008
Number of pages: 9

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Costa Rica, located in Central America between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, gained the reputation as a preferred destination for ecotourism. It attracted foreign tourists with its beautiful landscapes and climate, national parks, wildlife refuges, beautiful plants, cloudy and rainy forests, and sky-kissing mountains. In addition, political stability and economic growth helped attract 1.9 million foreign tourists earning an estimated $1.92 billion revenues in 2007. But an increasing tourist flow and foreign direct investment in the real estate sector posed a threat for its ecotourism. According to environmentalists, the construction of hotels, resorts, cruise ship ports, and golf courses threatened the ecology of Costa Rica. The case tries to highlight the challenges faced by Costa Rica in sustaining its reputation as a top ecotourism destination. The pedagogical objectives are: (1) the emergence of Costa Rica as an ecotourism destination; (2) growth of its ecotourism; and (3) future challenges for Costa Rica's ecotourism.

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