Marianne Stanley vs. The University of Southern California: Equal Pay for Equal Work?
Author: Miller, Thomas R.
Source: North America Case Research Association, Case Research Journal, Winter, 1999; The Laurier Institute
Year: 1999
Company Name: University of Southern California
Number of pages: 6

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Marianne Stanley, former University of Southern California (USC) women's basketball coach, is involved in an ongoing dispute. The case outlines the ongoing dispute, allegedly based on sex discrimination, between Stanley and the university administration. At the outset of the case, Stanley was engaged in contract renewal talks with Mike Garrett, USC athletic director. With an outstanding coaching record, four years experience at USC, and having built a team expected to have the potential to reach the Final Four in the NCAA Tournament, Stanley was looking forward to securing a multi-year contract with a large salary increase that would make her salary comparable to that of the USC men's head basketball coach. From their negotiations, Stanley alleged that she and Garrett had reached an oral agreement about her salary. However, when she received the formal offer in the mail, its terms fell far below her expectations-a contract.

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