Gulf Bank: Re-Building a Bank

Authors: Busaba, Walid; Khokher, Zeigham; Safieddine, Assem; Mark, Ken
Source: Richard Ivey School of Business
Year: 2011
Company Name: Gulf Bank
Number of pages: 22

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In December 2009, about a year after it suffered a crisis after clients walked away from massive derivative losses, Gulf Bank’s new chief executive officer (CEO) is trying to changes the way Gulf Bank operates and is governed. This case focuses on a turnaround situation and provides students insight into evolving corporate governance standards in Kuwait. After assessing the situation Accad faces, students have to decide what change he should pursue and how he should carry them out. From a broader industry governance perspective, students can examine the state of banking regulation and oversight in Kuwait and suggest ways that corporate governance can be strengthened.

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