Inspirational Guide for the Implementation of PRME: Placing Sustainability at the Heart of Management Education
Author: GSE Research Limited
Source: GSE Research Limited; United Nations Global Compact, Principles for Responsible Management Education
Year: 2012
Number of pages: 315

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Since the inception of the United Nations Global Compact sponsored initiative Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) in 2007, there has been increased debate over how to adapt management education to best meet the demands of the 21st century business environment. While consensus has been reached by the majority of globally focused management education institutions that sustainability must be incorporated into management education curricula, the relevant question is no longer why management education should change, but how?

The Guide intends to answer the most frequently asked questions concerning the implementation of PRME by highlighting real world examples from the most engaged signatories. The exercise has proven successful, and this publication features 63 case stories from 47 institutions, representing 25 countries across Asia, Oceania, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. They are the real actors in this effort, and their stories are truly inspirational. Their experiences are classified into six sections, which address the Six Principles of PRME (Purpose, Values, Method, Research, Partnership, and Dialogue) as well as important related aspects, such as how to get started, how to successfully report on PRME adoption, and so on.

While it is important to extract lessons from these case stories, it is equally important to reflect on the overall messages. The emerging picture highlights the important changes already taking place across management education today, the role of PRME in effecting such change, and also that additional progress is needed.

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