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Author: The Aspen Institute Center for Business Education
Source: The Aspen Institute Center for Business Education
Year: 2014

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Are you looking for engaging and thought-provoking material that is new to If so, you've come to the right place. Here you will find a selection of content recently added to the site. The week's (07/21/14–07/25/14) newest additions are listed below. Enjoy!

Invictus: Introducing Leadership Competencies, Character and Commitment [Case]
Business schools have done an admirable job of teaching competencies, and many business organizations have defined the framework of competencies that are required to be successful in the institution. However, much less attention has been spent on leadership character and the importance of commitment to the leadership role…

Risky Business: The Economic Risks of Climate Change in the United States [Report]
The U.S. faces significant and diverse economic risks from climate change. Risky Business: The Economic Risks of Climate Change to the United States uses a standard risk-assessment approach to determine the range of potential consequences for each region of the U.S.—as well as for selected sectors of the economy—if we continue on our current path.

CleanSpritz [Case]
Sales of CleanSpritz all-purpose cleaning spray have been steadily declining for the past five years, and management believes the decline correlates to a growing environmental concern among U.S. consumers. CleanSpritz's management is considering several options to address the environmental concerns in hopes of reversing the decline in revenue…

Everything Connects [Book]
Everything Connects is a kaleidoscopic view of the way humans—by being able to think out of the box—have been able to achieve greatness for themselves, their organizations, and the world at large. It is your step-by-step guide for working with yourself and others—for meaningful success.

Wawa Inc. [Case]
The Wawa associates have an ESOP which plays a key role in Wawa's culture of ownership. This case explores the role of incentives and levers of control to create a successful retail chain.

* From the CasePlace Archives, building the stakeholder approach into accounting and finance courses: The Stakeholder Approach in Accounting and Finance.

Listed below is last week's (07/14/14–07/18/14) material.

Safe Water Network in India [Case]
Safe Water Network, a charity initiative focused on providing underserved populations with clean drinking water, established its first site in the village of Nizampally, India. Safe Water Network’s directors hoped to scale up and sustain the adoption of the Safe Water project...

The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age [Book]
The employer-employee relationship is broken, and managers face a seemingly impossible dilemma: the old model of guaranteed long-term employment no longer works in a business environment defined by continuous change, but neither does a system in which every employee acts like a free agent. The solution? Stop thinking of employees as either family or as free agents. Think of them instead as allies.

The Coming Climate Crash: Lessons for Climate Change in the 2008 Recession [Article]
In this opinion piece, Henry Paulson, Jr. discusses the dangers of ignoring climate change. Outlining the risks to both the economy and the environment, he calls for immediate action, saying that "we must not lose sight of the profound economic risks of doing nothing."

Lasting Impact: A Business Leader’s Playbook for Supporting America’s Schools [Report]
The time has come for America’s business leaders to consider anew how they work with the nation’s educators to support our schools...

Lululemon: A Sheer Debacle in Risk Management [Case]
In practice, companies often fall short not because they fail to anticipate the likelihood that adverse events occur but because, despite anticipating them, they are still ill-prepared to respond. As illustration, consider the case of Lululemon which struggled to respond to anticipated product quality issues and contain the fallout on social media.

* From the CasePlace Archives, stocks, insider trading and a federal investigation: Martha Stewart (A, B, C).

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