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Author: The Aspen Institute Center for Business Education
Source: The Aspen Institute Center for Business Education
Year: 2014

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Are you looking for engaging and thought-provoking material that is new to If so, you've come to the right place. Here you will find a selection of content recently added to the site. The week's (09/15/14–09/19/14) newest additions are listed below. Enjoy!

Accenture Development Partnerships (A) [Case]
Accenture Development Partnerships is a “not-for-loss” business unit established inside Accenture in 2003 to serve NGO and development sector clients. Seven years later, its founder Gib Bulloch faces a challenge when a new leadership team is put in place at Accenture and the key sponsor of the venture retires.

Sustainability Reporting for Commercial Real Estate: GRESB [Paper]
For real estate asset managers and owners, sustainability benchmarking and performance disclosure to investors has become an expected part of the new normal...

Ethics in Consulting: RCG Consulting & Services (RCGCS) [Case]
Nital Shah, a consultant at RCG Consulting & Services (RCGCS) confronts an ethical dilemma… Nital must decide whether to maintain her values and high degree of integrity, that have always been an integral part of her behaviour and work, or to compromise and 'complete the project', or rather to leave this project to other analysts interested in it.

The Wealthy and Powerful Discover Inequality [Article]
Even the rich are admitting that inequality is bad for business...

Negotiating from the Margins: The Santa Clara Pueblo Seeks Key Ancestral Lands [Case]
This negotiations case describes the approach, over time, of Santa Clara, a small Pueblo Indian tribe in New Mexico, to recover a piece of land tribal leaders viewed as integral to their ancestral homeland. Unlike many negotiations cases, which concern the strategizing of two or more powerful players, this case describes the evolving strategy of a small, marginal player, striving mightily for a seat at a negotiating table dominated by several powerful interests. 

* From the CasePlace Archives, a wide range of articles discussing new ways to shape capitalism and promote economic recovery: Reimagining Capitalism.

Listed below is last week's (09/08/14–09/12/14) material.

Climate Change Education: Preparing Future and Current Business Leaders: A Workshop Summary [Report]
Climate change poses vast risks to societies and to businesses. Educating future business leaders about the risks, potential challenges, and opportunities around global climate change will be a critical component of business education…

Innovating Women: The Changing Face of Technology [Book]
The future of technology depends on the full and active participation of women and men working together, and it is vital that women are both educated and encouraged to go into the tech sectors…

Cisco Systems and Offshore Cash [Case]
In its SEC filing for the year ended July 28, 2012, Cisco disclosed that it had accumulated a total of $41.3 billion of undistributed earnings for certain foreign subsidiaries for which no U.S. income taxes or foreign withholding taxes had been recognized in its financial statements…

Green Forests Incorporated: Striving for Profit, People, and Planet [Case]
Green Forests Inc (GFI) is the story of an entrepreneur who is struggling to run an economically sustainable business as well as contribute to sustainability efforts in Nigeria. Her challenges include market alignment and profitability, accounting for Carbon credits, and solicitations for questionable payments…

Venture Capital Investment in the Clean Energy Sector [Note]
In this note, we examine the extent to which venture capital is adequately positioned for the rapid commercialization of clean energy technologies in the United States…

* From the CasePlace Archives, a model of sustainable development brings together traditional skills and modern methods: Environmental Quality International In Siwa.

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