Labour and Service Market Liberalization in the Enlarged EU (A, B)

The Vaxholm Labour Dispute in Sweden; The Bolkestein Directive
Author: Webber, D
Source: INSEAD
Year: 2007
Number of pages: 13

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The case explores some of the conflicts generated by the liberalisation of labour and services markets in the European Union (EU) following the post-communist enlargement in 2004, focusing in particular on the role played by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) as the frequent arbitrator of conflicts over market liberalisation in the EU. The two-part case is intended to facilitate an analysis of: (1) the cleavages and conflicts generated by the prospect of labour and services market liberalisation in the post-2004 EU, characterised by greatly increased income disparities between member states; (2) the scale of the political obstacles to radical market liberalisation in the EU; (3) the critical role historically played by the ECJ as a motor of EU market liberalisation; and (4) the implications of the post-communist enlargement for the balance of power between labour and business interests in the EU.

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