E. Rachel Hubka (A, B)

Authors: Wattenberg, Laura M.; Meyer, Kathleen A.
Source: Business Enterprise Trust
Year: 1996
Company Name: Rachel's Bus Company
Number of pages: 3, 8

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E. Rachel Hubka, general manager of a Chicago school bus company, has the opportunity to start her own bus business. The industry she will be entering is highly competitive, heavily regulated, and faces chronic labor shortages. Hubka hopes to tap a new labor pool and help her community by locating her business in an inner-city neighborhood that most business has abandoned. But this approach invites a new risk: relying on workers with marginal work experience.

Learning Objective:
Explores the unique challenges of operating in distressed urban neighborhoods, and techniques for motivating and developing the skills of entry-level workers. Supplements available (from Harvard Business School Publishing).

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