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Energy Efficiency Teaching Module

Teaching Questions & Additional References

Author: Johnson, Jennifer
Product Type: Teaching Modules
Source: The Aspen Institute Center for Business Education
Publication Year: 2009

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At its core, energy efficiency is about doing more with less. In times of a down economy and uncertain energy prices, the importance of saving energy seems clear; over the long term, however, how does a focus on energy efficiency make sense for business? Business is both uniquely suited to address the problems of energy efficiency and to reap the potential rewards of those solutions, if it is able to meld social and profit constraints into a plan for an innovative energy future. The purpose of this Module is to discuss energy efficiency as a strategic solution rather than a defensive reaction, and to present ways to manage challenges and make the most of opportunities at this intersection of business and society.

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Visioning at Xerox Canada

Authors: Bontis, Nick; Crossan, Mary M.
Product Type: Cases
Source: Richard Ivey School of Business
Publication Year: 2003

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This case describes the visioning process at Xerox Canada. The chairman, CEO and president of Xerox Canada has been meeting with her leadership team since eight o'clock in the morning to craft the organization's new vision statement...

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Royal Dutch/Shell in Transition (A, B)

Author: Paine, Lynn S.
Product Type: Cases
Source: Harvard Business School Publishing
Publication Year: 1999

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After the Brent Spar episode and the 1995 events in Nigeria, Shell undertakes an intensive review of its values and business principles. At the same time, it conducts the largest multi-stakeholder consultation in its history in an effort to better understand society's evolving expectations for companies like Shell...

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Chemical Bank: Corporate Contributions

Authors: Woodward, Susan; Paine, Lynn S.; Tulloch, Henry W.
Product Type: Cases
Source: Darden Business Publishing
Publication Year: 1990

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The new chief executive officer must decide whether to follow his three presidents' recommendation to cut Chemical Bank's 1984 corporate contributions as part of a general program of cost containment. The case describes Chemical Bank's extensive corporate giving and the rationale behind it...

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Phyto-Riker Pharmaceuticals

Authors: McMillan, John; Dosunmu, Ade
Product Type: Cases
Source: Stanford University
Publication Year: 2003

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This case gives students the opportunity to explore decision making when operating in third-world environments where uncertainty can be prevalent. Students can also wrestle with the economics and regulation of the pharmaceuticals industry and the ethics of drug pricing.

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Patrimonio Hoy: A Financial Perspective

Authors: Segel, Arthur I.; Chu, Michael; Herrero, Gustavo A.
Product Type: Cases
Source: Harvard Business School
Publication Year: 2006

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Patrimonio Hoy, a program targeting the housing needs of low-income families launched by CEMEX, a major Mexican corporation and a leading global cement company, has gone from a market research project to a highly visible initiative in 22 cities and has earned public recognition.

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Conscience or the Competitive Edge? (A, B)

Authors: Button, K.; Bart, C.
Product Type: Cases
Source: The Case Research Journal
Publication Year: 1994

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Olivia Jones, a Manager for a British retailer, discovers on a buying trip to India how she and her firm are able to obtain cost advantages.

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Ethical capitalism: How good should your business be?

Author: The Economist
Product Type: Magazine / Newspaper Articles
Source: The Economist Special Report
Publication Year: 2008

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How wonderful to think that you can make money and save the planet at the same time. “Doing well by doing good” has become a popular business mantra: the phrase conjures up a Panglossian best-of-all-possible-worlds, the idea that firms can be successful by acting in the broader interests of society as a whole even while they satisfy the narrow interests of shareholders.

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Hewlett-Packard: Best Sustainability Report 2004

(Problems of Information Example 2: Corporate Reporting)

Author: Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
Product Type: Cases
Source: ACCA North American Awards for Sustainability
Publication Year: 2004

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This review commends Hewlett-Packard Company for its 2004 Global Citizenship Report...

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Freshwater Resources: Managing the Risks Facing the Private Sector

(Externalities Example 1: Resources and Pollution)

Authors: Morrison, Jason; Gleick, Peter
Product Type: Essays and Concept Papers
Source: The Pacific Institute. Oakland, California.
Publication Year: 2004

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This paper outlines key trends in water use and availability, the resulting new risks to businesses, and strategies companies can take to reduce the risks they face...

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