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ITC's E-Choupal and Profitable Rural Transformation

Web-based Information and Procurement Tools for Indian Farmers

Authors: Annamalai, Kuttayan; Rao, Sachin
Product Type: Cases
Source: World Resources Institute
Publication Year: 2003

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ITC is setting up of a network of Internet-connected kiosks, known as e-Choupals, through which farmers can receive all the information, products and services they need to enhance their farming productivity and receive a fair price for their harvest.

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Hewlett-Packard: Best Sustainability Report 2004

(Problems of Information Example 2: Corporate Reporting)

Author: Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
Product Type: Cases
Source: ACCA North American Awards for Sustainability
Publication Year: 2004

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This review commends Hewlett-Packard Company for its 2004 Global Citizenship Report...

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Authors: Leguizamon, Francisco; Prado, Andrea M.
Product Type: Cases
Source: Social Enterprise Knowledge Network
Publication Year: 2006

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This case deals with the concept of how to orchestrate a consistent corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy consolidating many diverse social initiatives started within a business group.

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Nestle's Nescafe Partners' Blend: The Fairtrade Decision (A, B)

Authors: Dawar, Niraj; Mitchell, Jordan
Product Type: Cases
Source: Richard Ivey School of Business
Publication Year: 2006

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In early 2005, Nestle is in the midst of a decision: whether or not the Fairtrade mark should be applied on Partners' Blend, a new instant coffee product to be marketed in the growing UK 'ethical' coffee segment.

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Sustainable Value: How the World's Leading Companies Are Doing Well by Doing Good

Author: Laszlo, Chris
Product Type: Books / Book Chapters
Source: Stanford Business Books
Publication Year: 2008

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In Sustainable Value, Chris Laszlo illustrates how the competitive strategies of some of the world's largest businesses are changing as their leaders begin to take on a number of the world's most important social, environmental, and economic issues.

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The Future of Fashion

A Global Future: Challenges and Opportunities

Authors: Johnson, Jennifer; Wu, Gina
Product Type: Teaching Modules
Source: The Aspen Institute Center for Business Education
Publication Year: 2010

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Learning Objective: To highlight issues of globalization and the more recent efforts to use it in ways that benefit both businesses and society. Students have the opportunity to question the use of globalization to reduce costs and extend markets, often at the price of labor and environmental abuses. This section outlines the push for a more sustainable approach to global business, including moves toward localization, increased access for both buyers and sellers, non-Western perspectives, and the expansion of the typical consumer base to include the base of the pyramid.

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Managing Responsibility: What Can be Learned from the Quality Movement?

Authors: Waddock, Sandra; Bodwell, Charles
Product Type: Journal Articles
Source: California Management Review
Publication Year: 2004

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For global companies that implement their codes of conduct within long supply chains, managing responsibility is increasingly starting to resemble managing quality...

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Google in China

Author: Baron, David P.
Product Type: Cases
Source: Stanford University
Publication Year: 2006

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Companies offering Internet services had to pledge not to circulate information that "damages the honor or interests of the state" or "disturbs the public order or destroys public stability." This case explores how Google and various foreign Internet companies entering the Chinese market responded to Internet censorship.

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Freshwater Resources: Managing the Risks Facing the Private Sector

(Externalities Example 1: Resources and Pollution)

Authors: Morrison, Jason; Gleick, Peter
Product Type: Essays and Concept Papers
Source: The Pacific Institute. Oakland, California.
Publication Year: 2004

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This paper outlines key trends in water use and availability, the resulting new risks to businesses, and strategies companies can take to reduce the risks they face...

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Patrimonio Hoy: A Financial Perspective

Authors: Segel, Arthur I.; Chu, Michael; Herrero, Gustavo A.
Product Type: Cases
Source: Harvard Business School
Publication Year: 2006

[This document has not yet been rated] 2399 views

Patrimonio Hoy, a program targeting the housing needs of low-income families launched by CEMEX, a major Mexican corporation and a leading global cement company, has gone from a market research project to a highly visible initiative in 22 cities and has earned public recognition.

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