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Marriott in Budapest: The Change of Leaders

Authors: Shipilav, Andrew; Cohen, Neil
Product Type: Cases
Source: NACRA, Case Research Journal / Laurier Institute
Publication Year: 2001

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This case describes how American management restructured a poorly operated Hungarian hotel and made it one of the best Marriott establishments in Central and Eastern Europe...

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The Devil Made Me Do It: Replacing Corporate Directors' Veil of Secrecy with the Mantle of Stewardship

Authors: Bagley, Constance E.; Page, Karen L.
Product Type: Journal Articles
Source: San Diego Law Review, Volume 36, No. 4, Fall, 1999.
Copyright 1999 San Diego Law Review. Reprinted with the permission of the San Diego Law Review Association.
Publication Year: 1999

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This article argues that the nature of the corporate form coupled with an exclusive focus on shareholder value leads to economically and socially inefficient results...
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IBERDROLA: A Utility's Approach to Sustainability and Stakeholder Management

Authors: Jacopin, Tanguy; Poisson-de Haro, Serge; Fontrodona, Joan
Product Type: Cases
Source: European Academy of Business in Society
Publication Year: 2008

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In July 2004 José Ignacio Sánchez Galán, the CEO of the second largest Spanish utility by size, reflected on his first three years as CEO and his decision to put sustainability at the core of IBERDROLA’s strategy.

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Julia Stasch (A, B)

Authors: Meyer, Kirk O.; Eisenberg, Jonathan
Product Type: Cases
Source: Harvard Business School
Publication Year: 1993

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A successful woman executive attempts to integrate women into the construction trade in Chicago. Julia Stasch rose from office assistant to president and chief operating officer of a major Chicago real estate firm, Stein & Co. This case describes her campaign to create expanded opportunities for women and minority-owned businesses as suppliers to construction projects, and for women and minority workers on construction sites...

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Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law and the Embezzlement of NT$3 Billion by Eddie Liu (A, B)

Authors: Chiang, Y.; Rowe, W.
Product Type: Cases
Source: Richard Ivey School of Business
Publication Year: 2009

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Dr CV Chen received news that one of Lee and Li's senior assistants had found a loophole in a power of attorney from one of the firm's clients, SanDisk Corporation (SanDisk), that had allowed him to illegally sell the client's shares in a Taiwanese company and to sneak out of Taiwan with over NT$3 billion.

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Cisco Systems

Author: Kochan, Thomas A.
Product Type: Cases
Source: Rebuilding the Social Contract at Work: Lessons from Leading Cases, MIT Sloan School of Management, Institute for Work and Employment Research
Publication Year: 1999

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Cisco Systems, specializing in network systems that link computers and provide Internet communications, was founded in 1990. Employee compensation is closely tied to company and individual performance through stock ownership and profit-sharing, and performance is focused on customer satisfaction...

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Ivar Kreuger and the Swedish Match Empire

Authors: Jones, Geoffrey G.; Vargas, Ingrid
Product Type: Cases
Publication Year: 2007

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Globalization and corporate fraud are the central themes of this case on the international growth of Swedish Match in the interwar years...

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Give My Regrets to Wall Street

Authors: Frigo, Mark L.; Litman, Joel
Product Type:
Source: Harvard Business Review
Publication Year: 2004

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It's been only four years since First Rangeway Consulting went public, but to CEO Kenneth Charles, it seems like a lifetime. In the grand old days of its IPO, the company couldn't grow fast enough to meet customer demand...

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Coca-Cola Chile Foundation

Author: Herrera, J
Product Type: Cases
Source: Harvard Business School Publishing
Publication Year: 2005

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Provides an overview of the Coca-Cola System in Chile and focuses on the Coca-Cola Chile Foundation (CCFCH), a non-profit organization dedicated to education...

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The Greensboro Housing Authority (A)

Authors: Brown, Lew G.; Carlin, Diane; Craig, Margaret; Kawashima, William
Product Type: Cases
Source: NACRA Case Research Journal / The Laurier Institute
Publication Year: 2004

[This document has not yet been rated] 2545 views

The Greensboro, North Carolina Housing Authority (GHA) faced an angry population when it proposed to locate a new public housing community in a middle class neighborhood...

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