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China: Building “Capitalism with Socialist Characteristics”

Authors: Spar, Debora L.; Oi, Jean; Bebenek, Chris
Product Type: Cases
Source: Harvard Business School
Publication Year: 2006

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Describes China's phenomenal development from a poor, communist country to a global powerhouse.

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The Fair Trade Story (A, B, C)

(A) The Discovery of Charity Trade; (B) The Foundation of Café Direct; (C) From Charity Spin-off to Gourmet Coffee

Author: Hockerts, Kai
Product Type: Cases
Source: INSEAD
Publication Year: 2005

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This case traces the evolution of fair trade, from ‘charity trade', i.e. the sale of objects produced in developing countries with little functional value to the sale of functional, and often organic products...

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Aitken Spence Hotel Holdings Plc Of Sri Lanka (A, B)

Sustainable Tourism As Competitive Strategy

Authors: Wee, Beng Geok; Buche, Ivy
Product Type: Cases
Source: Asian Business Case Centre
Publication Year: 2008

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In September 2008, Aitken Spence Hotel Holdings PLC (ASHH), a leading Sri Lanka hotel group was well known for the iconic resorts it owned and managed, including Heritance Kandalama, a resort which had won many international awards for its ecological and environmental practices.

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The Shanghai Property Market and Hong Kong Developers

(Problems of Expectations Example: Market Bubbles)

Authors: Enright, Michael; Mak, Vincent
Product Type: Cases
Source: University of Hong Kong
Publication Year: 2004

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Once considered Asia's most important economic city, Shanghai had by 2003 re-emerged as a vibrant and vital metropolis. It had become the leading centre for commerce, finance and transportation in the Chinese Mainland, as well as a major manufacturing centre...

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Infosys in India

Building a Software Giant in a Corrupt Environment

Authors: Abdelal, Rawi; Di Tella, Rafael; Kothandaraman, Prabakar
Product Type: Cases
Source: Harvard Business School Publishing
Publication Year: 2007

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Shortly after Infosys was founded in 1981, its managers faced a major turning point when they made a decision to operate without giving in to the petty corruption rife in the Indian economy. Within just a few years, that decision had truly defined the company. Explores the challenges of managing firms amidst corruption.

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Women Trafficking From Thailand to Japan

(Public Goods Example 2: A Good Legal System)

Author: Ashizuka, Tomoko
Product Type: Cases
Source: Trade Environment Database (TED) @ American University
Publication Year: 2000

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Japan has kept a bad reputation as the biggest “exporter” as well as “importer” in Asian sex industry for the last several decades...The trafficking in women not only violates basic human rights of the Thai women, but also causes cultural and social problems in Thai society...

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Grameen Bank

The Grameen Central Credit System

Authors: Gupta, Vivek; Indu, P.
Product Type: Cases
Source: ICMR Center for Management Research
Publication Year: 2006

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The case explains Bangladesh based Grameen Bank's two microfinance models - Grameen Classic System and Grameen General System (GGS). Data is presented so that students are able to analyse the advantages and disadvantages of Grameen General microfinance model.

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Zetor Tractors

Authors: Newman, Karen L.; Nollen, Stanley D.
Product Type: Cases
Source: North American Case Research Association, Case Research Journal, 1995; The Laurier Institute
Publication Year: 2006

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After the "Velvet Revolution", the Czech Republic faced the task of privatizing its state-owned enterprises, and the companies faced the task of coping with an environment where customers decided what to buy.  

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News Corporation and Star TV in Asia

Author: Potter, Nick
Product Type: Cases
Source: The University of Birmingham
Publication Year: 1999

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The teaching objectives of this case are relatively wide and include; (1) the position and aspirations of News Corporation in relation to the global multi media industry; (2) corporate strategy issues, including parenting, portfolio management and organising mode...

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Nokia India: Battery Recall Logistics

Authors: Dhanaraj, Charles; Sumukadas, Narendar; Johnson, P. Fraser; Malvankar, Monali
Product Type: Cases
Source: Richard Ivey School of Business
Publication Year: 2011

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Nokia had built a strong brand reputation over a ten-year period and was a market leader in the Indian mobile devices. India, incidentally, was also Nokia’s second largest market, next only to China. Suddenly, what corporate headquarters considered a routine product advisory for a defective battery, resulted in panic in customers after the Indian media widely publicized the potential dangers that defective batteries could pose.

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