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The Challenges of Launching a Start-Up in China:

Authors: Kirby, William C.; McFarlan, F. Warren; Manty, Tracy Yuen
Product Type: Cases
Source: Harvard Business School
Publication Year: 2007

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After graduating from Harvard Business School Ken Pao and Bill Li were ready to fully commit to their Internet start-up. On the day of their launch, they faced a setback from China's Ministry of Education and were forced back to square one.

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World's 100 Most Sustainable Companies Announced at Davos

Product Type: Magazine / Newspaper Articles
Publication Year: 2006

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The 2006 "Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World" were announced at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos...

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Trina Solar: Expanding in the U.S. Market

Authors: Chen, Zhiwu; Sudhir, K.; Elias, Jaan
Product Type: Cases
Source: Yale School of Management
Publication Year: 2011

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At the end of 2010, Jifan Bao, Trina Solar's founder and chairman, wondered how his company its presence in the United States market. In the previous five years, Trina, a company with manufacturing and headquarters in Changzou, China, had managed to grow rapidly by selling photovoltaic (PV) modules in Europe. However, Trina lagged behind some of its Chinese rivals, such as Yingli and Suntech Power, in supplying to the United States. Gao had targeted the U.S. market in 2010, and Trina had increased its sales in the country during 2009. But other module makers were also expanding their presence in the United States. Trina had to decide how it was going to respond and how much it was willing to invest in its efforts to grow in the U.S.

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A Bomb in Your Pocket? Crisis Leadership at Nokia India (A, B)

Authors: Dhanaraj, Charles; Mukherjee, Monidipa; Bindu, Hima
Product Type: Cases
Source: Richard Ivey School of Business
Publication Year: 2011

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In August 2007, a routine product feedback and defect analysis process identified a defective batch of batteries supplied by a Japanese vendor, Matsushita. India happened to be the recipient of the largest proportion of the defective batch. Nokia was shocked to see the antagonistic response from the Indian press to the product advisory and the ensuing mayhem that spread quickly through the country. The head of Nokia India, and his team, had to act swiftly to preserve the company's hard-earned reputation and market share.

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ASIMCO: Developing Human Capital in China

Authors: Wong, Gilbert; Ho, Mary; Wiest, Nailene Chou
Product Type: Cases
Source: University of Hong Kong
Publication Year: 2009

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This case helps students study the process of management development and the challenges for companies operating in China, and to examine the benefits and challenges of localization and growing leaders internally.

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ITC's E-Choupal and Profitable Rural Transformation

Web-based Information and Procurement Tools for Indian Farmers

Authors: Annamalai, Kuttayan; Rao, Sachin
Product Type: Cases
Source: World Resources Institute
Publication Year: 2003

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ITC is setting up of a network of Internet-connected kiosks, known as e-Choupals, through which farmers can receive all the information, products and services they need to enhance their farming productivity and receive a fair price for their harvest.

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The Political Economy of Inequality: Frontier Issues in Economic Thought

(Consideration of Human Needs and Equity Example 3: Poverty and Deprivation in the United States)

Authors: Ackerman, Frank; Goodwin, Neva; Dougherty, Laurie; Gallagher, Kevin
Product Type: Books / Book Chapters
Source: Island Press
Publication Year: 2000

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The Political Economy of Inequality offers an in-depth examination of the economic theory behind the causes, consequences, and cures for inequality...

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Google in China

Author: Baron, David P.
Product Type: Cases
Source: Stanford University
Publication Year: 2006

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Companies offering Internet services had to pledge not to circulate information that "damages the honor or interests of the state" or "disturbs the public order or destroys public stability." This case explores how Google and various foreign Internet companies entering the Chinese market responded to Internet censorship.

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Managing Responsibility: What Can be Learned from the Quality Movement?

Authors: Waddock, Sandra; Bodwell, Charles
Product Type: Journal Articles
Source: California Management Review
Publication Year: 2004

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For global companies that implement their codes of conduct within long supply chains, managing responsibility is increasingly starting to resemble managing quality...

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Troubled Times for the Chinese Toy Industry

Authors: George, S; Chakraborty, B; Govind, S
Product Type: Cases
Source: ICMR Center for Management Research
Publication Year: 2008

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The case discusses the development of the Chinese toy industry over the years as well as the problems facing the toy industry in China today.

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