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Ethics World

Product Type: Web Sites
Publication Year: 2008

[This document has not yet been rated] 1652 views aims to disseminate information and strengthen understanding of the critical issues of institutional governance, business ethics and anti-corruption, by reporting on key developments and providing a forum for diverse opinions.

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Sustainability and Business Initiatives with the Base‐of‐the‐Pyramid

Author: Marquez, Patricia
Product Type: Syllabi
Source: University of San Diego
Publication Year: 2008

Faculty Rating: 5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars [1 Faculty Rating] 1635 views

Previously unsuspected, profitable market initiatives aimed at the socio‐economic base‐of‐the‐pyramid (BOP) are generating both social and economic value, holding the promise of improved wellbeing for the world’s poor. Business can play a significant role in bringing the 4 billion people living in poverty closer to mainstream markets as consumers, producers, or business partners.

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A Social Science Approach to Race, Redistricting, and Representation

(Epstein and O'Halloran's response to David Lublin's critique of their original paper - "Do Majority-Minority Districts...")

Authors: Epstein, David; O'Halloran, Sharyn
Product Type: Journal Articles
Source: American Political Science Review, Vol. 93, No. 1, pp. 187-191
Publication Year: 1999

[This document has not yet been rated] 1635 views

In his critique of our earlier paper on majority-minority voting districts, David Lublin suggests that our conclusions with respect to the election of minorities to office are flawed, and that we incorrectly estimate optimal districting strategies for the substantive representation of minority interests in Congress. Subjecting these claims to direct empirical examination, we find that our previous results are unaltered by the inclusion of Latino voters in our estimates of equal opportunity, and that incumbency advantage cannot fully explain the recent victories of minority candidates in the South...

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The Paradox of Representation: Racial Gerrymandering and Minority Interests In Congress

(Critique of Epstein and O'Halloran's "Do Majority Minority Districts...")

Author: Lublin, David
Product Type: Books / Book Chapters
Source: Princeton University Press
Publication Year: 2006

[This document has not yet been rated] 1613 views

In The Paradox of Representation David Lublin offers an unprecedented analysis of a vast range of rigorous, empirical evidence that exposes the central paradox of racial representation: Racial redistricting remains vital to the election of African Americans and Latinos but makes Congress less likely to adopt policies favored by blacks...

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Supermarkets in Inner Cities

Authors: Austin, James E.; Elias, Jaan
Product Type: Cases
Source: Harvard Business School Publishing
Publication Year: 1996

[This document has not yet been rated] 1601 views

Excerpts from five articles that present the challenges and opportunities inherent in opening and operating supermarkets in inner-city neighborhoods.

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Pharmaceuticals and the Developing World

Author: Kremer, Michael
Product Type: Journal Articles
Source: Journal of Economic Perspectives. Vol. 16, Num. 4, Fall 2002
Publication Year: 2002

[This document has not yet been rated] 1600 views

This article reviews a set of reasons for market failures around the provision of drugs in poor countries, and then discusses various policy prescriptions. It places the corporate experience within a larger public policy context.

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Yoshiko Shinohara and Tempstaff

Authors: Mayo, Anthony J.; Egawa, Masako; Yamazaki, Mayuka
Product Type: Cases
Source: Yoshiko Shinohara and Tempstaff
Publication Year: 2009

[This document has not yet been rated] 1570 views

The case presents a biographical portrait of Yoshiko Shinohara who founded Tempstaff in 1973, one of the largest temporary staffing agencies in Japan.

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Tsunami: The Backlash

A troubling paradox about corporate philanthropy has surfaced. Is such largess even legal?

Author: Maiden, Malcolm
Product Type: Magazine / Newspaper Articles
Source: The Age (Melbourne, Australia)
Publication Year: 2005

[This document has not yet been rated] 1552 views

A troubling paradox lies beneath the edifice of corporate philanthropy - and the allied concept of corporate social responsibility. It is that while there is nothing in most country's laws to define or control how corporations donate funds in this country, and no rules covering disclosure of non-political donations, there are specific corporate laws and a body of case law that requires those in charge of companies to act in the the best financial interests of the company's shareholders.

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Great Valley Center

A Case Study in Measuring for Mission

Author: Howard, Don
Product Type: Cases
Source: The Bridgespan Group
Publication Year: 2003

[This document has not yet been rated] 1549 views

GVC management needed a simple yet systematic method for determining whether they were on track to achieve their ambitious goals. This case describes the process of finding the appropriate performance measures and at the same time, enhancing the strategic clarity of the organization...

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Social Entrepreneurship

Creating Economic and Social Value

Authors: Mair, Johanna; Seelos, Christian
Product Type: Syllabi
Source: Mair, Johanna
Publication Year: 2005

[This document has not yet been rated] 1541 views

Social Entrepreneurship is about using entrepreneurial skills to craft innovative responses to social problems. It aims at social impact, but does not exclude economic wealth creation. Thus it is not limited to the non-profit sector. Social Entrepreneurship involves recognizing opportunities, combining and mobilizing resources, triggering positive change in various domains, and building sustainability.

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