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Note on Application of the Antitrust Laws to the New Economy: An Analysis of United States vs. Microsoft Corp.

(Market Power Example: Microsoft)

Author: Bagley, Constance E.
Product Type: Journal Articles; Research Notes / Working Papers
Source: Harvard Business School Publishing
Publication Year: 2001

[This document has not yet been rated] 1948 views

Analyzes the 1991 decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in the seminal New Economy antitrust case United States vs. Microsoft Corp., 253 F.3rd 34 (D.C. Cir. 2001), which arose out of Microsoft's efforts to promote Internet Explorer and to supplant Netscape's Navigator Internet Web browser as the leading browser...

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WSU Vancouver MBA Program: Stakeholder-Focused Leadership for Sustained Business Success

(WSU, Vancouver)

Author: WSU Vancouver Faculty
Product Type: Policy and Issue Reports
Source: Washington State University, Vancouver
Publication Year: 2006

[This document has not yet been rated] 1922 views

WSU Vancouver's Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program is built around a stakeholder focus and its implications for competitive advantage and long term organizational performance (enlightened shareholder management)...

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A Closer Look at Business Education: Agriculture

Author: Goldbach, Justin F.
Product Type: Policy and Issue Reports
Source: The Aspen Institute Business and Society Program
Publication Year: 2007

[This document has not yet been rated] 1919 views

For many, the term "agriculture" conjures Jeffersonian imagery of the tranquil family farm. In contrast, genetically modified food and agriculture biotechnology endeavors provoke passionate debate about consumer safety and global hunger. While the agriculture sector has dramatically changed over the years in developed countries, it continues to have an enormous impact on the global economy.

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Motorola (A, B)

Authors: Weiss, Stephanie; Kelemen, Matt; Meyer, Kathleen A.
Product Type: Cases
Source: The Business Enterprise Trust
Publication Year: 1996

[This document has not yet been rated] 1913 views

In the late 1970s, Motorola CEO Bob Galvin knew that the electronics industry was growing increasingly competitive. Though Motorola was faring well in the battle, technology was sprinting ahead...

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The Long Battle for an Instant Messaging Standard

(Public Goods Example 1: National and International standard setting agencies.)

Authors: Fan, Steven; Viard, V. Brian
Product Type: Cases
Source: Stanford University
Publication Year: 2005

[This document has not yet been rated] 1908 views

For the last five years, America Online (AOL), Yahoo!, and Microsoft have been battling to grab market share for their instant messaging (IM) service...

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The William Davidson Institute

Author: The William Davidson Institute
Product Type: Web Sites
Source: The William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan
Publication Year: 2007

[This document has not yet been rated] 1906 views

The William Davidson Institute is a non-profit, independent, research and educational institute dedicated to developing and disseminating expertise on issues affecting firms in transition economies...

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The Political Economy of Inequality: Frontier Issues in Economic Thought

(Consideration of Human Needs and Equity Example 3: Poverty and Deprivation in the United States)

Authors: Dougherty, Laurie; Gallagher, Kevin; Ackerman, Frank; Goodwin, Neva
Product Type: Books / Book Chapters
Source: Island Press
Publication Year: 2000

[This document has not yet been rated] 1901 views

The Political Economy of Inequality offers an in-depth examination of the economic theory behind the causes, consequences, and cures for inequality...

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Ethics and the Pharmaceutical Industry

Authors: Santoro, Michael A.; Gorrie, Thomas M.
Product Type: Books / Book Chapters
Source: Cambridge University Press
Publication Year: 2005

[This document has not yet been rated] 1882 views

Despite the pharmaceutical industry's notable contributions to human progress, including the development of miracle drugs for treating cancer, AIDS, and heart disease, there is a growing tension between the industry and the public. Debates are raging over how the industry can and should be expected to act...

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Largest Producer of Steel Products in the United States Achieves Significant Energy Savings at its Minntac Plant

U. S. Steel's Taconite Pellet Manufacturing Facility Improves Process Heating Efficiency and Rejuvenates Energy Savings Strategy Following Save Energy Now Assessment

Author: U.S. Department of Energy
Product Type: Cases
Source: U.S. Department of Energy
Publication Year: 2008

[This document has not yet been rated] 1858 views

The U. S. Steel Minntac plant in Mt. Iron, Minnesota, identified energy savings opportunities in its process lines and validated natural gas savings from new burners that were installed prior to the assessment.

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Wired Wellington: The Info City Project and the City Link Network

Author: Huff, Sid L.
Product Type: Cases
Source: Richard Ivey School of Business
Publication Year: 2003

[This document has not yet been rated] 1837 views

As a central component of its Vision 2020 strategy, the city of Wellington, New Zealand has developed preliminary plans to transform itself into a "wired city." The overarching project was called Info City. One of the sub-projects was called City Link. The objective of City Link was to create a high-speed digital communications infrastructure for the downtown business district...

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