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Seventh Generation: Balancing Customer Expectations with Supply Chain Realities

Authors: Russo, Michael V.; Goldstein, Dan
Product Type: Cases
Source: Lundquist College of Business
Publication Year: 2007

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Faced with the prospect of being without a product when a contract manufacturer could no longer make its natural baby wipes, Seventh Generation substituted conventional wipes. But some of the ingredients in these conventional baby wipes proved unacceptable to its customers.

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Guayakí: Securing Supplies, Strengthening the Mission

Authors: Russo, Michael V.; Crooke, Michael
Product Type: Cases
Source: University of Oregon
Publication Year: 2015

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The case reviews the rise of Guayakí, a company that sells energy drinks produced with leaves from Yerba Mate trees, and a significant decision it now faces. Guayakí’s drinks offer a natural alternative in the energy drink industry, which is dominated by large players selling products mainly made from water and chemicals. From the beginning, Guayakí has had a commitment to social justice and environmental restoration in South America. As Guayakí has grown and begun to require increasing amounts of mate, its model of social engagement with communities is coming under pressure. How can it acquire enough mate to fuel its growth and yet still retain its social and environmental programs?

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