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Combining Purpose With Profits

Authors: Birkinshaw, Julian; Foss, Nicolai J.; Lindenberg, Siegwart
Product Type: Journal Articles
Source: MIT Sloan Management Review
Publication Year: 2014

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A sense of purpose that transcends making money can motivate employees. But to sustain both a sense of purpose and a solid level of profitability over time, companies need to pay attention to several fundamental organizing principles.

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Better Growth, Better Climate: The New Climate Economy Report

Product Type: Policy and Issue Reports
Source: The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate
Publication Year: 2014

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Our report is addressed to economic decision-makers across the world in both public and private sectors. Its core conclusion is that, by shaping the major processes of structural and technological change now occurring in the global economy, we can create lasting economic growth while also tackling the immense risks of climate change.

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Starbucks Coffee Company: Transformation and Renewal

Authors: Koehn, Nancy F.; McNamara, Kelly; Khan, Nora N.; Legris, Elizabeth
Product Type: Cases
Source: Harvard Business School
Publication Year: 2014

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The case offers executives and students an opportunity to examine in depth how Schultz and his team saved Starbucks from near-collapse, by both executing a deep, comprehensive return to its core values and, at the same time, investing in a range of new products, customer experiences and organizational capabilities designed to make the company fit for enduring success in a turbulent global economy.

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Lords of Finance: The Bankers Who Broke the World

Author: Ahamed, Liaquat
Product Type: Books / Book Chapters
Source: Penguin Books
Publication Year: 2009

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...Lords of Finance is a potent reminder of the enormous impact that the decisions of central bankers can have, their fallibility, and the terrible human consequences that can result when they are wrong.

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Abrupt Climate Change, Business and Public Policy


Authors: Mahon, John F.; Hastings, Michael; Mayewski, Paul Andrew
Product Type: Syllabi
Source: The University of Maine
Publication Year: 2014

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The course will consist of three major components: (1) an introduction to climate change, with special attention being devoted to abrupt climate change; (2) (a) an identification of those industries most likely to be impacted by abrupt climate change and (b) what, if any, actions have been undertaken by industry to deal with the problem; and (3) an introduction to the public policy development process as it applies (or not) to climate change at the national and state level.

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Sustainable Business

Author: King, Andrew
Product Type: Syllabi
Source: Dartmouth College
Publication Year: 2014

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Companies now face challenges and opportunities created by their environmental and social impact. This course will evaluate how firms are responding by changing their own behavior or by influencing the regulatory and competitive context in which they operate.

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Asia Pacific Business and Institutions

Author: Mahmood, Ishtiaq P.
Product Type: Syllabi
Source: Asia Pacific Executive MBA
Publication Year: 2012

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In this module, we study how winning in fast-growing emerging markets requires companies to tackle institutional voids, including lack of water, health, infrastructure, housing, etc. Institutional voids imply that customers in developing economies have needs which are unique compared with their counterparts in developed countries. Unique needs, coupled with high customer price sensitivity, translate into real challenges for many firms from developed economies. We are seeing the advent of new business models addressing institutional voids by bundling public goods and private goods together. The examples of bundling sewage and policing services along with housing in new Indonesian satellite cities illustrate how firms can make money by providing infrastructures and institutions typically provided by governments. What makes money, however, is not always socially optimal...

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Finance and Society

BUS F332; LAW 725

Author: Admati, Anat
Product Type: Syllabi
Source: Stanford University
Publication Year: 2014

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This interdisciplinary course will discuss the role of the financial system within the broader economy and the interactions between the financial system and the rest of society. The course will provide an overview of the financial system, cover the basic economic principles essential for understanding the role of finance in the economy, and discuss of policy issues around financial regulation.

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Accenture Development Partnerships (A, B)

Authors: Rogan, Michelle; Bode, Christiane
Product Type: Cases
Source: INSEAD
Publication Year: 2014

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Accenture Development Partnerships is a “not-for-loss” business unit established inside Accenture in 2003 to serve NGO and development sector clients. Seven years later, its founder Gib Bulloch faces a challenge when a new leadership team is put in place at Accenture and the key sponsor of the venture retires.

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IKEA and the 'Better Cotton Initiative'

Author: Pogutz, Stefano
Product Type: Cases
Source: Università Bocconi
Publication Year: 2014

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IKEA, the world’s leading furniture retailer, has a long history of managing environmental and social issues. The issue of cotton has emerged as a new challenge. To address this challenge, IKEA must adopt an innovative approach that goes directly to the source: the farmers...

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