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Exploring the Links Between International Business and Poverty Reduction

A Case Study of Unilever in Indonesia

Author: Clay, Jason
Product Type: Research Notes / Working Papers
Source: Oxfam GB, Novib, Unilever, and Unilever Indoneia Joint Project.
Publication Year: 2005

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Oxfam GB, Novib (Oxfam Netherlands), Unilever and Unilever Indonesia (UI), have collaborated on a research project to increase their understanding of the impacts of business on the lives of poor people and to explore the potential links between international business and poverty reduction...

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Mearl Oil Company: Environmental Impact Targets (A, B, C)

Authors: Bansal, Pratima; Ewart, Tom
Product Type: Cases
Source: Richard Ivey School of Business
Publication Year: 2009

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Mearl Canada Limited does not want to implement Mearl Oil Company's environmental impact targets because, in Mearl Canada's opinion, the targets create an extra layer of regulation for considerable cost and negligible benefit...

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A Few Tips About Corruption in the US

Author: Delios, Andrew Karl
Product Type: Cases
Source: Richard Ivey School of Business
Publication Year: 2006

Faculty Rating: 4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars [1 Faculty Rating] 1848 views

This case discusses what constitutes corruption, and whether private and public sector corruption are required and ethical business practices.

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Asian Car Part Holding

Sold Without the Knowledge of the Board?

Authors: Amann, Wolfgang; Steger, Ulrich
Product Type: Cases
Source: IMD
Publication Year: 2006

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Should an investor representative to the board challenge the sale of the company, which was affected without knowledge of the board, based on broader principles than profitability?

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BTL Construction: Was It Bribery or Just Business as Usual?

Authors: Steger, U; Nedopil, C
Product Type: Cases
Source: IMD - International Institute for Management Development
Publication Year: 2007

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The learning objectives are to: (1) discuss bribery and its consequences from a Board member's perspective; and (2) learn what measures can be taken to avoid or deal with bribery.

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The Thorn in the Elephant's Side: The Seattle Mennonite Church vs Freeport-McMoran Copper & Gold, Inc.

Authors: Ortman, David E.; Feldman, Howard; Osland, Asbjorn
Product Type: Cases
Source: The Case Research Journal
Publication Year: 2003

[This document has not yet been rated] 1538 views

The Seattle Mennonite Church, owners of stock in Freeport McMoRan, Copper & Gold, Inc (FCX), was concerned about FCX's mining operations in Irian Jaya, Indonesia.

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Asian Agri and the Future of Palm Oil

Authors: Bell, David E.; Kindred, Natalie
Product Type: Cases
Source: Harvard Business School
Publication Year: 2010

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For Asian Agri and other Indonesian palm oil producers, the future promised rising demand from fast-growing Asian populations, but also intensifying criticism from environmental groups. Asian Agri appeared well positioned to capitalize on the growing palm oil market, but the broad-strokes vilification of the palm oil industry was a source of serious concern. In the face of great uncertainty, the management team needed to devise a strategy for the future.

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Sustainability and Environmental Standards: Seeking Competitive Distinction at Damaí Lovina Villas

Authors: Darnall, Nicole; Milstein, Mark B.
Product Type: Cases
Source: Arizona State University; Cornell University
Publication Year: 2011

Faculty Rating: 2 stars2 stars2 stars2 stars2 stars [1 Faculty Rating] 1181 views

General manager Glenn Knape is considering branding Damaí as a “green” hotel. Since the hotel already had numerous environmental initiatives in place, Knape questioned whether Damaí should participate in a voluntary environmental program and use its participation as a marketing tool to attract additional hotel business. Were these programs really worth the investment?

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Freeport's Hard Look at Itself

Author: Bernstein, Aaron
Product Type: Magazine / Newspaper Articles
Source: Business Week Online
Publication Year: 2005

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The company Freeport-McMoran Copper & Gold, Inc., long criticized for human rights violations in Indonesia asked the NGO, the International Center for Corporate Accountability to conduct an independent audit of its Papuan mining complex which employs 18,000 workers...

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Pacific-Western Oil: The Semblian Plant

Author: Inkpen, Andrew C.
Product Type: Cases
Source: Thunderbird School of Global Management
Publication Year: 2000

[This document has not yet been rated] 1078 views

The objective in this case is to explore some of the complex ethical issues associated with international business, stakeholder values, and human rights. More specifically, how do firms reconcile doing business in countries with limited respect for human rights?

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