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FTC v. Kraft Inc (A, B, C): A Government Advertising Challenge

Authors: Kopp, Robert J.; Petty, Ross D.
Product Type: Cases
Source: Babson College
Publication Year: 1996

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Advertising for Kraft Singles brand (processed cheese slices) is being challenged by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC). If guilty, Kraft could face a stop order, and possibly other more onerous penalties such as fines, consumer refunds and even an order to do corrective advertising...

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Market Leader Strategies: Astrazeneca Defending its Turf

Authors: Syeda, I.; Purkayastha, Debapratim
Product Type: Cases
Source: Olalla Domínguez Liste
Publication Year: 2008

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This case is about AstraZeneca Plc's strategic defense of its market leadership in the gastrointestinal (GI) drugs market. The strategy proved to be very successful but also came in for strong criticism with many critics contending that the success of Nexium was a triumph of marketing over science.

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Eli Lilly Meets Joseph Wesbecker: The Prozac Case

Authors: Anderson, S.; Finley, R
Product Type: Cases
Source: The Case Research Journal
Publication Year: 2005

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The case explores the interplay of law, public perception, special interests, and corporate culture in complex litigation.

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Turning Gears Inc.

A simulation

Author: Darden Business Roundtable
Product Type: Exercises
Source: Business Roundtable: Institute for Corporate Ethics
Publication Year: 2006

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In this simulation, students take on the role of a product manager in the highly competitive toy industry and make a series of decisions through five integrated case studies based on real business scenarios.

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De Beers: Addressing the New Competitiveness Challenges

Authors: Marciano, Sonia; Porter, Michael E.; Warhurst, Alyson
Product Type: Cases
Source: Harvard Business School
Publication Year: 2007

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Traces the development of De Beers and the diamond industry and enables deep examination of the interdependence of companies and the locations and communities in which they operate. This case examines how firms create prosperity, how firms are responsible for social problems, and what they should do in the locations in which they operate.

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An Introduction to the Twelve Part Short Course in Environmental Ethics

Thinking Ethically About the Environment

Authors: Warner, Keith Douglass; Ataya, Rabea
Product Type: Teaching Modules
Source: The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics
Publication Year: 2009

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Ethics are a broad way of thinking about what constitutes a good life and how to live one. They address questions of right and wrong, making good decisions, and the character or attributes necessary to live a good life. Applied ethics address these issues with a special emphasis on how they can be lived out in a practical manner. Environmental ethics apply ethical thinking to the natural world and the relationship between humans and the earth. Environmental ethics are a key feature of environmental studies, but they have application in many other fields as human society grapples in a more meaningful way with pollution, resource degradation, the threat of extinction, and global climate disruption.

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John McCulloch - United Beef Packers

Authors: Erskine, James A.; Dolansky, Eric
Product Type: Cases
Source: Richard Ivey School of Business
Publication Year: 2009

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John McCulloch takes a job as assistant general manager at a meat packing plant. After a short time in the job, he discovers it was nothing like he expected...

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Kraft Foods and the Public Debate on Obesity

This case was analyzed in the 2004 Walter V. Shipley Business Leadership Case Competition

Author: Gentile, Mary C.
Product Type: Cases
Source: The Aspen Institute Business and Society Program
Publication Year: 2004

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Place yourself in the shoes of Roger Deromedi, CEO of Kraft Foods Inc. in late January 2004. Newly elevated to the position of sole CEO, you are facing a number of challenges including disappointing sales and earnings; increased competition; several failed new product launches; and sudden departures of key senior executives...

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H.J. Heinz Co.: The Administration of Policy (A, B, C)

Authors: Goodpaster, Kenneth; Post, Richard
Product Type: Cases
Source: Harvard Business School
Publication Year: 1981

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Relates the April 1979 discovery of improper income transferal practices used at the H.J. Heinz Co. Background data on the company is presented, along with a detailed description of the organizational practices, the management incentive system, and the corporate ethical policy then in use...

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Scandal at Satyam: Truth, Lies and Corporate Governance

Author: Knowledge@Wharton
Product Type: Magazine / Newspaper Articles
Source: The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Publication Year: 2009

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In one of the the biggest frauds in India's corporate history, B. Ramalinga Raju, founder and CEO of Satyam Computers announced on January 7 that his company had been falsifying its accounts for years, overstating revenues and inflating profits by $1 billion.

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