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Portico, S.A.

Authors: Saklad, Hunter; Diener, Betty
Product Type: Cases
Source: The World Resources Institute
Publication Year: 1994

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Portico, S.A., located in Heredia, Costa Rica, manufactured high-end residential exterior-use mahogany doors for export to home center chains in the United States such as Home Depot. Portico was trying to decide, as it added oak to its product line...

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La Hacienda Musa

Modeling and Analysis for Environmental Sustainability

Author: Clemen, Robert T.
Product Type: Cases; Exercises
Source: Fuqua School of Business, Duke University
Publication Year: 2009

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The question that faced Maria was how much, if any, of her 100 hectares should be dedicated to organic bananas. There were good reasons to go organic: top-quality organic produce would command a premium, and her isolated location would be ideal for growing organic bananas.

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John Mackey and Whole Foods Market

Authors: Koehn, Nancy F.; Miller, Katherine
Product Type: Cases
Source: Harvard Business School Publishing
Publication Year: 2007

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This case discusses the rapidly growing business of organic foods, analyzes entrepreneurial agency in the context of a young market, and examines the role of social as well as organizational leadership in the 21st century.

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As if the Future Mattered: Translating Social and Economic Theory into Human Behavior

(Problems of Information Example 2: Corporate Reporting)

Author: Goodwin, Neva
Product Type: Books / Book Chapters
Source: Global Development and Environment Institute, Tufts University.

Published by University of Michigan Press
Publication Year: 1996

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There has never been a better time to explore the ways in which values relating to the future can be preserved and nurtured despite contemporary capitalism's tendency toward shortsighted selfishness...

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Sustainable Development, Sustainable Profit

Social Entrepreneurship can be a powerful tool for corporations to gain entry and build loyalty in developing markets

Authors: Mair, Johanna; Seelos, Christian
Product Type: Journal Articles
Source: European Business Forum. Issue 20. Winter 2005
Publication Year: 2005

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No wonder managers are irritated. The promise of growth is already built into today's share prices, as a reminder of investors expectations of future cash flows. This poses a dilemma...

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Catamount Energy and the Glebe Mountain Wind Farm – Clean Energy versus NIMBY

Author: Letovsky, Robert
Product Type: Cases
Source: St. Michaels College
Publication Year: 2005

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The case presents the arguments both for and against wind generated electricity, or turbine wind farms. This debate is taking place as the state of Vermont considers placement of a wind turbine farm in the mountains of the state.

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Product Type: Exercises; Web Sites
Source: World Business Council for Sustainable Development and University of Cambridge Programme for Industry 2003-2004
Publication Year: 2003

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Chronos is an exciting new e-learning tutorial on the business case for sustainable development...

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Selectpower - Green Energy in Ontario

Authors: Klassen, Robert; Merchant, Arif
Product Type: Cases
Source: Richard Ivey School of Business
Publication Year: 2007

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Limited resources were forcing Selectpower's CEO to make some tough decisions about two important investment opportunities: its growing wind-derived electricity business; or the nascent geothermal business. Both options offered clear environmental benefits to customers, although the strategic value and immediate financial return to green energy retailer were less clear.

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Business Responses to Climate Change: Identifying Emergent Strategies

(Externalities Example 2: Climate Change)

Authors: Kolk, Ans; Pinske, Jonatan
Product Type: Journal Articles
Source: California Management Review
Publication Year: 2005

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Companies face much uncertainty about the competitive effects of the recently adopted Kyoto Protocol on global climate change and the current and future regulations that may emerge from it...

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E+Co & Tecnosol, Nicaragua

Authors: Baron, Scott; Weinmann, George; Prahalad, C.K.
Product Type: Cases
Source: University of Michigan Business School
Publication Year: 2003

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In Nicaragua, where nearly fifty percent of the population is “off the grid,” E+Co's investment in solar energy provider Tecnosol means people can have refrigeration, lights, running water, and jobs.

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