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Sensible Life Products (A, B)

Authors: Zietsma, Charlene; McKnight, Brent
Product Type: Cases
Source: Richard Ivey School of Business
Publication Year: 2007

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The purpose of this case is to expose students to entrepreneurial exit situations as well as social entrepreneurship issues associated with disruptive technologies.

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World's 100 Most Sustainable Companies Announced at Davos

Product Type: Magazine / Newspaper Articles
Publication Year: 2006

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The 2006 "Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World" were announced at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos...

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Sustainable Value: How the World's Leading Companies Are Doing Well by Doing Good

Author: Laszlo, Chris
Product Type: Books / Book Chapters
Source: Stanford Business Books
Publication Year: 2008

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In "Sustainable Value," Chris Laszlo illustrates how the competitive strategies of some of the world's largest businesses are changing as their leaders begin to take on a number of the world's most important social, environmental, and economic issues.

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Deja Shoe (A, B)

Authors: Hardy, Paul W.; Hart, Stuart L.
Product Type: Cases
Source: William Davidson Institute
Publication Year: 1996

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Deja Shoe's founder and new management team wanted to develop a business strategy based on pro-environment principles that would enable the firm to out-compete established industry players Nike and Timberland. The case explores mainstream and niche markets...

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Shark Harvesting and Resource Conservation (S.H.A.R.C.)

Authors: Wade-Benzoni, Kimberly A.; Tenbrunsel, Ann E.; Bazerman, Max H.
Product Type: Cases
Source: The World Resources Institute
Publication Year: 1994

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SHARC is a multi-party exercise in which each participant represents an organization that relies on shark fishing for income...

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Eco-Tourism at the Dana Reserve

Authors: Bird, Laura; Linowes, Richard
Product Type: Cases
Source: Emerging Markets Development Advisers Program
Publication Year: 2004

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The Feynan Lodge was meant to be an economically self-sustaining eco-tourism lodge after its opening, but projected staffing and operational costs were daunting.

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The William Davidson Institute

Author: The William Davidson Institute
Product Type: Web Sites
Source: The William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan
Publication Year: 2007

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The William Davidson Institute is a non-profit, independent, research and educational institute dedicated to developing and disseminating expertise on issues affecting firms in transition economies...

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Plum Creek Timber (B)

(Externalities Example 1: Resources and Pollution)

Authors: Bazerman, Max H.; Riley, Hannah; Nasser, Nicole; Troast, John G., Jr.
Product Type: Cases
Source: Harvard Business School
Publication Year: 2001

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Plum Creek Timber Co. decides to go ahead with negotiations for a Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) on its Pacific Northwest properties. HCP represents a new form of public-private-sector collaboration and innovation to improve upon command-and-control environmental policy solution...

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Sources of Environmentally Destructive Behavior: Individual, Organizational and Institutional Perspectives

Authors: Bazerman, Max H.; Hoffman, Andrew J.
Product Type: Journal Articles
Source: Research in Organizational Behavior, 21: 39-79 (1999).
Publication Year: 1999

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The question to consider is how individual and social behavior shape how the natural environment is perceived, and how individual, organizational, and institutional values perpetuate behavior that damages it.

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A Closer Look at Business Education: Agriculture

Author: Goldbach, Justin F.
Product Type: Policy and Issue Reports
Source: The Aspen Institute Business and Society Program
Publication Year: 2007

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For many, the term "agriculture" conjures Jeffersonian imagery of the tranquil family farm. In contrast, genetically modified food and agriculture biotechnology endeavors provoke passionate debate about consumer safety and global hunger. While the agriculture sector has dramatically changed over the years in developed countries, it continues to have an enormous impact on the global economy.

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